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Ducks With Breasts
Graphic of Ducks With Breasts cover
Cover art by Jimmi Accardi, 1992 The Union Label.
Ducks With Breasts
Zaphod, with the sense of humor that's out of this world, presents the group Ducks With Breasts who with their recording of some of your old favorites from childhood make music lovers of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Jolson, Gershwin, and others in this genre chuckle. Beware, after listening these tunes may playback in your head and make you smile.

Songs include:

1. April Showers
B.G. Desylva, L. Silvers; Stephen Ballentine Music Publishing Company Range Road / Quartet Music (ADM by Hearld Square Music Inc.)
2. About A Quarter to Nine
Al Dubin, Harry Warren; Warner Bros. Music A Div. of Warner Bros. Inc.
3. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy
Irving Berlin; Irving Berlin Music Company
4. Liza
G. Kahn, I. Gershwin, G. Gershwin; WB Music Corp. Gilbert Keyes Music Co.
5. There's a Rainbow Around My Shoulder
A. Jolson, B. Rose, D. Dreyer; Bourne Co
6. What'll I Do?
Irving Berlin; Irving Berlin Music Company
7. You Made Me Love You
Monaco & McCarthy; traditional
8. My Blushin' Rosie
Stromberg & Smith; traditional
9. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Allie Wrubel, Ray Gilbert; Walt Disney Music Company
10. I'm Sitting On Top of the World
Lewis, Young, Ray Henderson; EMI Feist Catalog Inc. Warock Corporation Ray Henderson Music Co.
11. Blue Skies
Irving Berlin; Irving Berlin Music Company
12. Night and Day
Cole Porter; Warner Bros. Music A Div. of Warner Bros. Inc.

1992 The Union Label. All rights reserved.
Produced by E.J. Gold
Arranged by Jimmi Accardi
Engineered by Jimmi Accardi
Mixed by Jimmi Accardi & Oz Fritz
Mastered for CD by Oz Fritz
Public Relations: Morgan Fox Agency
Cover art by Jimmi Accardi

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