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At the Spiritual Olympics with Amanda Foulger from KPFK
Graphic of At the Spiritual Olympics with Amanda Foulger from KPFK cover
Various Artists
KPFK's Amanda Foulger hosts two hilarious D.J.'s Dean Dimmer and Don Dummer who give play by play reporting of the Spiritual Olympics -- notable "shmurus" competing with each other.

Masters of improv these two reporters will have you rolling on the floor.


1. Amanda Folger Introduction
2. Interview with Sheik Al Washi
3. Black Box Advertisement
4. Debrief the School Game
5. Spiritual Olympics
6. Half Time
7. Spiritual Olympics 2nd Half
8. Ad
9. City of the Dead Reading #1
10. Ads
11. Weather / Hittin' the Streets
12. Ads
13. City of the Dead Reading #2
14. Ads
15. The Sullivan
16. City of the Dead Reading #3
17. Ads
18. City of the Dead Reading #4
19. Reading from American Book of the Dead & Drumming - a selection from One Single Outbreath
20. Dry Bones
21. Final Station Id

2000 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved.
Produced by Galaxy Audio Project Old Time Radio
Engineered by sound engineer at KPFK
1988 Gateways
Originally recorded by E.J. Gold in 1971 at Red House, Crestline, CA
Aired on July 31, 1973 on KPFK with live sound effects.
Additional engineering by E.J. Gold & Oz Fritz
Remastered for CD by Oz Fritz
E.J. Gold reads "City of the Dead" by Robert Sheckley, published by Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, 1994 IDHHB, Inc.
Readings of "City of the Dead" and American Book of the Dead by E.J. Gold recorded by Oz Fritz at Studio A, The Union Label, Nevada City, CA
American Book of the Dead, 1999 E.J. Gold, published by Gateways Books & Tapes
D.J.s on the air:
Amanda Folger from KPFK
Ernie deMedeiros
Al Kandell as Dean Dimmer
Ken Paulson as Don Dummer
E.J. Gold from KGOD
Cameo appearances by:
Reshad Feild
Claudio Naranjo
John Lilly
Charles Muses
Charles Tart
Ida Rolf
Charlotte Selder
Amanda Folger, Al Kandell, Ken Paulson, Robbert Trice, Oz Fritz, Morgan Fox, E.J. Gold
Ads by:
Ernie deMedeiros, Jimmi Accardi, Douglass-Truth
Bob Bachtold, Robbert Trice, Claude Needham, Menlo Macfarlane, Jimmi Accardi - drums
Jimmi Accardi - guitar, keyboards
Iven Lourie - violin
Bob Canatsey - sax
E.J. Gold - bass
Cover photo by E.J. Gold

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