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Ducks with Breasts

Children of the Night

Wall Street

Beatless Together Again


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Gorebag at Midnight

Gorebag in the Morning

Kojacks Go to Church

Kojacks Roast Nilsson

Kojacks Roastin' the '60's

Born to Be Mild

Spirit of Woodstock

Hippie Heaven

California Dreams

Spiritual Olympics


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Gorebag at Midnight
Graphic of Gorebag at Midnight cover
Various Artists
Gorebag, the D.J., plays 30 selections by different artists from the Cloister Recordings catalog. His midnight program includes some upbeat rock, some cool jazz and some rich world pieces. A fine sampling from the Cloister Recordings label. Songs include:

1. "Everybody Wants a Piece of God" (2:01)
Beatless: Together Again
2. "Dawn Celebration" (2:35)
Spirit Drums
3. "Mr. Mutton Man" (1:32)
The Shearing
4. "Cogitate Jazz" (2:06)
5. "Wake Up & Smell the Roses Burning" (2:03)
Shapeshifter Timetripper
6. "Japanese Sunrise" (2:14)
Post Pop Festival
7. "If I Was a Wino" (2:20)
Live at RCA
8. "The Laughing Cosmos" (2:02)
Ode to HAL 9000 / Spontaneous Surrender
9. "Kahuna & the Brain" (2:13)
Wall Street
10. "The Clear Light" (2:46)
The Spirit of Woodstock
11. "Quashnay (Dawn Song)" (2:10)
Tutuli Wikit
12. "Snake, Rattle & Roll" (2:01)
Bang the Heads Slowly
13. "Zar'a Hayah V'Kayama. Living Seed" (2:07)
Le Chayim
14. A selection from "Electronic Interpretations of Bach" (1:58)
Electronic Interpretations of Bach
15. "Diddler Arounder's Soiree" (1:36)
On the Road
16. "The Road to Lisdoonvarna" (2:03)
The Boy From Ireland
17. "Guitar Boogie Snuffle" (2:05)
Avant God
18. "Brother Judas Reggae" (2:04)
Brother Judas Reggae / The Alchemist Said
19. "Reminding Factor" (1:47)
Reminding Factor
20. "Dance of the Satyr" (2:15)
Without Words
21. A selection from "Journey Through the Great Mother" (2:04)
Journey Through the Great Mother
22. "Beyond the Veil" (2:07)
Beyond the Veil
23. "Send $ or the Fairie Dies" (2:31)
Send $ or the Fairie Dies
24. "Streets of India" (2:15)
Karaoke Movie
25. "The Land of Native Nothingness" (2:02)
The Best of the Not Always North American Drum Corps
26. "Be Excellent To Each Other" (2:04)
The Best of Smog Ops Canteen
27. "Resurrection" (2:23)
How I Raised Myself From the Dead...
28. A selection from"I Can Free You" (2:03)
I Can Free You
29. "School Days" (2:14)
Saturday Night in the Higher Dimensions
30. "Hittin' the Streets" (3:30)
California Dreams

2000 Cloister Recordings
Produced by E.J. Gold
All songs published by Union Label Music
Engineered by Oz Fritz
Recording Artists in sequence by song:
Beatless; E.J. Gold; Original cast of the Vancouver performance; Dr. John Lilly; E.J. Gold & Friends;
Jeff Spencer Trio; E.J. Gold & Friends; Karmic Slum Lords; Insane Investors Club; Spirit of Woodstock;
Heather Valencia; Tito; Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi; Claudio Naranjo; Parker Dickson Band; UZ2;
Rhythm Weavers; Judith Spellcaster; Redfin Quartet; Jimmi Accardi; read by Alan Power and excerpted from E.J. Gold's book;
E.J. Gold; Insane Investors Quartet; Evan Lurie and Oz Fritz; The Not Always North American Drum Corp;
Accardi / Gold & Friends; E.J. Gold; E.J. Gold; E.J. Gold
Cover photo by Yanesh

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