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Beatless: Together Again
Graphic of Beatless: Together Again cover
Various Artists
Soundtrack to a video depicting the era -- in the spirit of expanding the mind, traveling to different dimensions -- this CD is a collection of some of the best songs of this time. "Karma Man" is the flagship of this incredible musical experience. Listen to the music and follow your instincts.

Songs include:

1. Karma Man (Bonnett / Accardi)
2. Eastern Parkway (Accardi / Gold)
3. Only a Fallen Angel (Accardi / Gold / McDonnell)
4. Fractal Love (Accardi / Gold)
5. Beach Baby Goodbye (Accardi / Gold)
6. All Phenomena is Illusion (Accardi / Gold / Dickson / McDonnell)
7. Deep on the Ocean Floor (Accardi / Gold)
8. The Clear Light (Accardi / Gold)
9. Everybody Want a Piece of God (Accardi / Gold / McDonnell)
10. Legion of the Lost (Accardi / Gold)
11. Shop at House (Accardi)
12. Be Excellent to Each Other (Accardi / Gold)
13. The Blue Jumpbuck (Accardi / Gold)
14. Hush, Little Baby (Traditional)
15. What Happened to You (Gold / Macfarlane / Accardi)
16. Quaker's Lullaby (Accardi / Gold).

2000 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved. Produced by E.J. Gold Mastered for CD by Oz Fritz All songs published by Union Label Music except for "Hush, Little Baby" CD-M248 $16.97

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