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California Dreams
Graphic of California Dreams cover
California Dreams
A musical menagerie exemplary of the essence of evocative moods, social atmospheres, and practical philosophies imbued by California Dreams.

Songs include:

1. The Robots Are Coming (7:47)
2. My Quakin' Baby (4:43)
3. Hittin' the Streets (3:48)
4. Buffalo Girls (2:52)
5. What Does My Doggie Do (3:13)
6. Spauldeen (3:03)
7. Beauty's in the Eye of the Beholder (3:27)
8. Paul & Anna's Candy Store (3:19)
9. Please Take My Hand (3:13)
10. Send Money or the Fairie Dies (2:50)
11. C.C. Rider (2:41)
12. Mama's Little Baby (2:32)
13. This Old Man (3:11)
14. Be Excellent to Each Other (3:44)

2000 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved.
All songs 1995 - '99 Accardi / Gold(BMI)
Except Buffalo Girls, C.C. Rider, Mama's Little Baby, This Old Man are traditional
Songs 1995 - '99 Accardi / Gold published by Union Label Music
Produced by E.J. Gold
Engineered by Grammy Award winner, Oz Fritz
Recorded by California Dreams:
Jimmi Accardi - guitar, keyboards, vocals, percussion
Bob Bachtold - drums
E.J. Gold - bass, vocals
Cynthia Baldessare - background vocals
Front Cover Original Art by E.J. Gold, pastel on velour, 2000 h.e.i.

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